Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ella at a year

I've been so busy with Will and Ella and work its been too long since I blogged.

Ella is 13 months now, and still a terrible sleeper.  An angel in the day and the opposite at night.

She is still very funny, and loves to play with her brother.  She definitely seems to be more trouble than her brother ever was, forever getting into things and making a mess.

Ellas latest trick is to try to stand on the rocking horse without holding on.  She has also problem solved, using Thomas the Tank Ride On to get on to the sofa.

Ella was walking before 11 months, and loves climbing.

She is very cuddly, more so than Will.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Words of Ella

Ella has been busy saying things over the last week and a half.  She started with :

  • dada
and then moved on to :
  • a burglar (strange, but true)
We have had constant raspberry blowing for about the last 3 months, way more extreme than Wills :-)

As with the words of Will I will periodically update this, so we don't forget any.

Update: 26 November 2013

At 13 months Ella is babbling away with gibberish most of the time, like she is trying to talk, it is very funny.

Ella's new words :

  • nah (no)
  • look
  • there
  • dog
  • socks
  • shoes
Update: 11 May 2014

For some four months Ella has been mixing things up with two or three word sentences including:

  • sit down
  • get down
  • more
  • there it is
  • yoghurt
  • circle
She also loves saying 'Hello there' to strangers in the supermarket.

Ella at 6 months old

Ella was six months old this week, on Tuesday.  I am in shock!  I was lucky enough to have some holiday recently (Centre Parcs, and for more than a long weekend this time), and spent a lot more time with her than usual which was lovely.  We took both Will and Ella (for the first time) swimming, they both loved it.  She is a very happy smiley little baby.

She is now sitting up and grabbing for everything.  Nicky has started her on solid food (in a very small way), and if she is as bad as Will was at sleeping, she is better with the solid food :-)

It is very easy to make Ella laugh, which amuses us all.  Mostly she laughs at her big brother who she is fascinated by.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ella is four months old already

I can't believe it, our little girl is four months old.

She is smiling and giggling, very curious, and generally gets carried round looking at things with her big eyes (looking like a bush baby).

She turned out to be as bad a sleeper as Will, poor Nicky!

Some achievements:

  • rolled at 7 days old
  • smiled at 5 weeks
  • started jabbering a lot at around 7-8 weeks
She loves people, there is nothing better to her than a load of attention, and lots of smiling faces trying to make her smile.

I will get round to putting some photo's up on Flickr soon!

Next I'm looking forward to when she can sit, which should keep her entertained at least for a little while :-)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ella Anne McDonald - born Tuesday 9th October 2012

I am over the moon.  Our little daughter Ella Anne McDonald was born on Tuesday 9th October 2012 at 20:46.  Weighing in at 7lbs 8ozs she is definitely a sleepy baby so far :-)

Everything was a bit rushed and hectic and we thought Nicky might give birth in the car at one point.  We made it to Basingstoke hospital though, just, and 1/2 hour later Ella was born.

We were home midnight that day.  Amazing!

So far we are just getting used to being a family of four, and we look forward to each time little Ella wakes up and has a look around.

I can't wait to find out what kind of little character she is.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Will is 2!

We just celebrated Wills second birthday with family and friends at the weekend.  We are in shock.  How can two years have passed ?  It was great to see everyone, and it would seem nobody was poisoned by the BBQ food.

We feel so lucky to have such a beautiful well behaved son.  He is always determined to take the next step in everything he does, and amuses us no end.  People seem to genuinely love being around him as he is nearly always very smiley.

Eating and sleeping have been improving (amazingly so for sleeping), although there is still some teething to go so that could all change again!

Will is now adapting to the news that we have another one on the way due in October, (which guiltily I have not even blogged about yet!).

He thinks he will have a little sister, we have no idea as we chose not to find out at the scans.

We have started the bribery to get Will to behave at night, and to stay in his new big boy bed (which he just graduated to), all is working according to plan, for now.

Will is now regularly stringing 5+ word sentences together, and his vocabulary amazes us.

I wonder what I will be writing in a years time.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Will learns the art of deception before his 2nd year

Something very amusing happened to me in the last fortnight.  I was tricked by Will, who was at the time 23 months old.  I did not expect it, and he got me completely.  I can't believe that the little chap figured out how to trick adults.

We were sat playing with some foam alphabet characters and numbers, his favourite game before bedtime.  Now whenever we have to put these toys away ready for bedtime we usually have a little clash of wills (yes he is aptly named) before he relents and helps me put them back on the shelf.

This time was different.  While I was trying to get hold of the alphabet shapes, in order to put them in their bag, Will started pointing to my shoulder and saying 'Daddy... shoulder' repeatedly.  I had a look at my shoulder, and turned back to Will.  Who was sat there with a big smile on his face.  I had no idea what was going on.  I looked down to start putting the letters in the bag again and they were gone.

When I looked confused, Will started laughing, massively, out of control.  It was hilarious.

I thought I'd get Will back and played my own trick on him.  He thought it was just as hilarious :-)  We both ended up in tears.  Amazing.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Beginning of 2012

Last year really raced by. Will evolved into a little amusing blonde headed fairy creature who now chats away and moves everything round in the house in unexpected ways. I founded a tech startup with a colleague from my last permanent position. Nicky is back at work first two days a week, and now since Christmas three days a week.

It is hard to keep track of everything really, but I intend to blog to make sure I can always remember what was going on.

Things I really enjoyed last year:

- all the time I spent with my family, Nicky, Will and the wider family
- watching Will develop as a little person
- watching Will play and socialise, in particular he seems to get on brilliantly with his cousin Ethan
- watching Poirot with my Gran on Christmas Eve
- Sherlock series one